faulty tailgate?


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Driver info display shows tailgate open on my avant tdi and also the red tailgate light stops on even though the boot is firmly closed.I think this fault is also causing my alarm to go off also..Any ideas please?


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Micro switch or wiring in the lock mechanism probably. You have to buy the whole assembly on the Avant to get the micro switch:( Pop the panel off and check the wiring first though, mine was all green and nasty and i had to buy the whole lot as the wires were rotten.


Push down and across !!!!!!!!!
Just fixed mine, alarm going off constantly, took wiring off and lock, cleaned all the green **** out caused by water leaking off the wiper mechanism , gave the terminals a good scrape to get them shiny again then dried the lock with a hairdryer, popped back on and hey presto been fine for 2 weeks now. Or just buy a new one !!!


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Had similar with my A3, its the rear wiper motor leaking screen wash which drops down into the lock corroding the sensor in the lock mechanism, replacing the lock will work but the more you use the rear washer the same will happen, new wiper motor should solve that issue!


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Is there any way to disable the alarm? My tailgate warning lamp has started coming on when the tailgate is properly closed, also the rear interior lamp has started flickering all by itself (switch has now been moved to the off position to stop it flickering).
My car is a B5 Avant.
My rear windscreen wiper hasn't worked in over a year, might be a good time to get new bits to fix that if I am going to have to get new bits for the lock on the tailgate too?