Faulty MMI Basic Plus - What can I replace it with?


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Hi everyone,

I'm new here so please bear with me.

I have an A6 SE from 2005 with an MMI Basic Plus system
HW: 4F0 035 729 D
SW: 4F0 910 730 S
with a Dension Gateway 500 that was fitted by Audi in 2008

Basically a few days ago the system stopped working and when I try to start it up I get the Audi splash screen, then it gives a quick message about a part that is not valid, please visit an Audi workshop before shutting down again.
After some reading online it seems the MMI unit/CD player may be the culprit.

I got a price of £720 from Audi for a new unit + fitting and "programming" (although they haven't official diagnosed anything yet).

However I have seen second hand units available on auction sites and if I could get one for less than £100 I'd be much happier.
My issue is I have no idea which model/software is compatible. Audi aren't very forthcoming with advice on that as you'd expect and they've given me a code that seems only available in Russia.

If anyone can help that would be brilliant.