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Faults query

JohnStan725 Dec 11, 2015

  1. JohnStan725

    JohnStan725 Registered User

    Guys so I have an engine fault when I scanned with vcds, EGR intermittent fault and fuel trim bank.

    If someone could shed some light on this please, I've search but not found anything successful. vw/audi specialist told me it'll be 300 quid and they will just replace the EGR.

    My question is, does the EGR just need cleaning to solve the fault or is replacing the whole unit required? Couldn't find any guides on doing it for this model of car so unsure on the difficult level please if someone has done it before can you just tell me some quick info on it?

    I have 0 idea about fuel trim bank also that is something I'll have to look into afterwards.


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