fault code scanner query?


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i bought an Autel VAG405 fault code reader for my 2004 vw bora tdi car some time back and it works fine.
can i use this tool on an Audi A4 2.0tdie B8 platform 2010 model ?

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Highly doubt it, why not contact the manufacture for an upto date application list?
With such a nice car, and so many possibilities, why not buy VCDS ? The can only version comes up cheap on ebay now and again


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update.The Autel VAG405 is both a specific vw/audi tool(but does appear to have CAN capability but not CAN BUS) and a generic obd2( which has CAN BUS PROTOCOL) diagnostic tool for engine only faults on different cars.
strangely, the vw/audi section of this tool showed link error when i tried to read engine codes -not not can bus compliant.
but the obd2 section is can bus protocol, read the codes and came up with none-so at least this tool can pick up engine related codes on the audi a4 b8 paltform car.
i also tried a CAN compliant obd 2 Autel MS309 fault code reader which again can only read engine faults and it worked on my car and it came up with no codes.
i will be thinking of saving up for vcds.