Fault code po299

Hi all my son has a 2007 a3 2.0 tdi bmn 170bhp at christmas his was waiting for a friend and the car got hot and the eml came on plugged it in came up with the above code p0299 the car did not go into limp mode or any thing no lack of power, then today 19/7/2020 the samething happened engine got hot eml light came on no limp mode put ot on the laptop same code p0299 would anybody have a clue on what this could be manythanks for all your help.
I have a look around on the forum but cant seem to fing anything not sure if i have been looking properly in the right forums.


07 170 DSG
The P0299 error code reveals that your vehicle's supercharger or turbocharger is not working correctly. The most common diagnosis reveals an underboost problem. The error commonly appears when the ECU detects low turbocharger or supercharger low boost pressure.

Sticky veins in the turbo? Mr muscle (yes really) or revive work

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I am trying to change my turbo on 2.0 TDi but have messed up the thread on the banjo bolt on oil feed pipe does anybody know the size of this bolt please so I can find a new one