Fault Code 00560


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Just joined and I'm looking for advice on an emmisions warning light issue. I have a 54 plate A6 Allroad 2.5 TDI Quatro. The emissions warning light came on a few months back and then disappeared. During this time I purchased a fault code reader. It arrived before the light went off. I checked the system and, possibly foolishly, cleared the codes.

The light has come on again with the code 00560. I can clear the code, drive quite happily warning free, and it stays off. However, stop the engine do some shopping and start up again and the light returns.

Can anyone offer any advice.


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Complete guess without knowing what that fault code is but could be sticky EGR valve. Mine had similar signs but my fault code reader tells me what the code means.
Any black smoke from exhaust on acceleration?


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Many thanks for your response. Fault code is described on my reader as: 00560 EGR Temperature Sensor Switch Short or Implausible Value.
No great plumes on acceleration.