FAO S3 Owners With Recaro Wingback Seats


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My P/S/F wingback Recaro seats rattles like mad when no one is sat on it, Does or has anyone else had this problem..?

If so what was the fix..? It's driving me mad now and I really want to get it sorted, If someone is sat on it it's fine !!!!

Your help will be muchly appreciated....



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From the base? From the sides? from the back rest?
My R32 ones rattled from the adjuster rod that goes thru under the lower back to bum bit.
Was looseness on the cam bit on the side.


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This thread reminded me that I really needed to find the source of my seat rattle!
Exactly the same situation as yours, passenger bucket when empty.
I removed the passenger seat, and noticed the back two rail bolts where incredibly loose. Tightened them all up properly and no rattle!
Worth checking.



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Mine rattles too! Only just started the last couple of months, mine seems to be coming from the left side back bolster, closest to the door card. If i grab hold of that it stops the rattle

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Interesting .......my passenger one does from time to time. Must check the bolts.