False Warnings


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I have a 2000 X reg 1.4 A2 and over the last three months I have been haveing this reoccurring problem that the engine management system lights up all the warning lights on the dash & tells me I have to take the car to Audi to diagnose the fault. On doing so the audi dealers are telling me that the engine management is not recording what the problem is. The dealers are being pretty helpful but cannot seem to replicate the fault. Has anyone had the same problem or know of this problem.

Please help starting to get disallusioned


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Mine had this problem. I had the water pump changed and the throttle body stripped and cleaned and had a new manifold pressure sensor put on. This was covered by warranty but the overall cost should be about £90 for the throttle body and the sensor is £110 and the waterpump should be done with the cambelt so should be about £150.