Falklands again???


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I hear here has been some saber rattling from Argentina. I really hope we dont end up going to war again!!!!


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They would be mad to invade again, British forces have been fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq pretty much non-stop since 2001 so are probably some of the most battle ready forces in the world would make mincemeat out of some Argentinian reservists...

Think its more sabre rattling, same as last time Argentina is on its knees financially so El Presidente starts using the Falklands to deflect attention away from its economy 1982 all over again...


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yer, i hope they dont do anything stupid, we may be battle ready but we already lost 263 (i think?) british personnel in iraq/afghan dont want any more unnecessary loss of life
having said that if invaded, we must defend what is ours!! :aggressive:

with all this extra oil, petrol prices should come down?! :uhm:


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carpet bombing your own people is reserved for the Americans.

:laugh::laugh: Now that did make me laugh........

In Blazins defence maybe he was refering to Argentina............ But his geography is as bad as his history, and didn't realise it isn't an island...!!


hahahahaha no i meant the falklands if we cant have it no one can , turn it to ash .....im just kidding i have a sick sence of humour

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The only trees on the island are the ones planted in 1984 on the Mount pleasant airbase but there were no trees before this.


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Will be interesting to see what happens and if the Argies do invade......there is now way we could mount a task force like in 1982, cos the namby pamby governments we have in place since then (i.e. post Thatcher) have continuously cut the defence budgets to sod all, to fund the ballooning benefits budget in this country....
...at leat we have some decent fighters (Typhoons) there which would take out anything the Argies put up in the air....


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Cant see it coming to much overall, would be a mistake for them IMHO & thats not saying it cause I think we're hard, just dont believe they have the force to make much of it, lets hope they're not that naive to think we're stretched to far to deal with that area again, dear oh dear some people mentalities these days man, in this day & age you'd think they'd think of there people & with there heads not there ego's


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with all this extra oil, petrol prices should come down?! :uhm:

Mr brown will sell the extra oil like he does with our north sea oil, because he is a t**t