Failed oil consumption test


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Nov 14, 2014
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hi guys,
Complete new audi owner for the last month. I have a Audi A4 B8 1.8tfsi which has failed the oil consumption test! Having only bought the car a month ago secondhand from a well known car dealer in Scotland the car is under warranty and is booked in for a full engine rebuild next week having used 0.5l in under 350 miles! What I would like to know is if new piston rings, crankshaft breather etc will rectify this problem for good or is it likely to return in future?

Any information on this would be helpful thanks

Provided its rebuilt and run in correctly, it will be like a new engine
This is what I'm hoping for! Having read other stories that the problem has returned for some it's left me a bit sceptical.
That's the first 1.8 I've heard of suffering this problem. I know the 2 litres drink oil like it's water.
As far as I known and this is only what I've read its both the 1.8tfsi and the 2.0tfsi many more common in the 2.0l though