Factory Sat Nav Update Disk


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Hi All,

Just wanting to know whether I should bother pursuing this or not really. I have an RS4 B7 which has the DVD sat nav (is it the MMI??) anyway, I am wondering what I should do with regards to updating it. At the moment it has a 2006 disk but have seen on eBay you can buy a 2010 disk for just over £100.

Basically is the sat nav in the Audi any good to spend money on in this way or should I just stick to my TomTom.

PS on a completely different note what is the chance of having a POI disk with all speed cameras on so I don't need to rely on my handheld device for the speed cameras...

Help and advice would be appreciated, thanks.


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POI with speed cameras isnt possible with oem disk, although its been discussed before as to how to hack the dvd, there was a site that said they had got it sorted but havnt heard anything since saw the site, so obviously nothing further along.