Facelifting rear bumper


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Hi guys..

I have a 2014 A3 S-Line (sportback), overall I'm fairly happy with it. The only thing that really annoys me is how much nicer the rear diffuser on the facelift S-Lines are.

It looks just from their shape that trying to adapt one on to a p/f/l is nigh on impossible, what I was wondering was if a complete new rear bumper was a simple straight swap? If so has anybody documented doing it yet?

I'd be interested in doing some dynamic lights in the future but for now my only real interest is the diffuser/lower bumper.

Are both the f/l and p/f/l the same overall shape and fixings? I presume if possible it would need to be be from the face lifted equivalent i.e. Sportback.

Cheers for any help or knowledge


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It would need to be Sportback yes. The PFL and FL bumpers are identical in shape, the bottom half is just slightly different where the Diffuser is housed so will be a straight swap.

I recommend you see one in person if you haven't already, the S Line diffuser looks as if it has a bookshelf in the middle, it's a very big cavity.

@DJAlix is your man for the Dynamic indicators (Facelift lights).