Facelift Steering Software Update


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I have been invited to take my 2012 Facelift Audi A4 to the local dealer to have the steering software updated.

Has anyone had this done and did they notice anything different.

I don't have a problem with the steering as it is although I am aware that some people have complained about theirs.


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Yeah take it in, it is probably the rack fw.


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I took mine in a few weeks ago; it's apparently a software update, but when I asked whether this was meant to fix the issues that people have complained of, they didn't seem to know!!
I can't say I have noticed a difference, as I never experienced the problems other people have complained of.


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I've had mine updated. There a 2 'faults' that seemed to be affect cars, both widely documented on various other Audi forums. Mine suffered in cold weather with a 'notchy' feel to the steering just off centre, a bit like a lump in the rack. Didn't happen all the time, but quite disconcerting when it did! Although there hasn't been any cold weather since the update, so can't really say for sure if it's cured.


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Had it updated today and cant say there is much difference but it does feel more direct and less vague.
The service advisor did say that it was primarily to deal with the above mentioned cold weather issue which I had never experienced.


Anyone have a TSB for this SW Update?


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It would be interesting to see the TSB on this. Been on a decent trip today and the feel of the steering is actually much much better. IT feels more precise whilst cornering whereas it did used to feel a bit vague at times. Definitely worth having done.


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Hi all,

I had this update today (48k8) I've no idea of the difference it's made yet as I've only had this car since April.. but..

There was also an Engine Management upgrade (24ab) as with others, I've no idea what was upgraded but the low down torque, most notably when pulling out of junctions or roundabouts, or off moderate inclines.. is vastly improved (8spd MultiTronic).. now feeling much more confident about going for the traffic gaps that you would go for in a manual.



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Had the same update done on mine whilst in on a painty warranty claim.

I had already turned off the assistance via VCDS but as the cooler weather started the notchy sensation started. It feels great now so well worth getting it done.