Facelift S Line Front End Conversion - Fog Light Query


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Looking for a bit of advice please. Following a **** reversing into my wife's 2004 A3 2.0FSi SE, a new front bumper and some other bits and pieces are required. It's going to be an insurance job so I'm going to take advantage and do the facelift S line front conversion. As the SE has no fog lights the question is whether or not the SE is pre wired for front fogs? If not is there a suitable fog light blanking plate for the S line bumber?


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There is no wiring there for the fogs. I know as I have just retrofitted them myself.

And there is no blanking plate for the fog grill, as all s lines come with fogs so there was never a need for them.

Perhaps you could diy it, and mesh the fog grill areas .Just an idea


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Not to bad.

Most difficult part was getting the wires from the fogs to the cabin.

If you have the bumper off, it aint to bad, but the arsey bit is getting them into the cabin. You have to take the scuttle panel off and take the wiper motor assembly out to give you enough room to get the cables through.

I used a kufatec loom and managed to get a nice facelight cabin switch for the fogs.

Worth it though :)