facelift or Pre Facelift


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Sorry if this has been answered many times I just can't find the answer.

i wondering if my car is the pre facelift or the facelift model, it's a A3 1.8 s 2002 plate

its has the manual heater controls, No front fog lights, the plug in part to check any error codes is under my steering wheel bottom right hand side,

as I said apologies again if been answered before, I just want to try few upgrades and are getting no where as I don't know what my car is thanks Thomas.


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Facelift. You should have the onc peice headlight with the indicator built in.


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VEX182 thank you very much mate really appriciate, as i can defo confirm i have the one piece headlight, just need to try source a bumper with the front fogs now cherrs