facelift b5 central locking pump wanted


2000 a4 1.8tqs-yellow
May 3, 2008
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im after a central locking pump for my a5.it is the one with 2 hoses going into it i need.if anybody has one that works let me know if your selling it.
Try the following contact.
Make sure you give them as much info as you can about the part. i.e. Part No, car reg, year.
They can post directly to you.

Overton Dismantlers
Overton Garage Ltd
off Dyce Drive
Scotland AB21 0EQ
Tel: 00.44.1224.722354
Parts Fax: 00.44.1224.775451
General Fax:00.44.1224.722457
Email : sales@overtongarage.co.uk

Kind regards,

Many of the 8L0 pumps are interchangeable, just dont buy the non-RF 'A' or 'C' suffix pumps.

If in doubt, buy the 'G' revision.

Partly the same for the later 8D0 pumps.

Many of the earlier VAG pump motors (or impellers) can be swapped into your existing pump if the impeller has shattered. They can be had for £10 on ebay.
youd lose remote boot opening. 'G' is pre facelift,
earlier motors require slight modification to repair 8l0/8d0 pumps
I have no pump at all in my car which i hate but when 2nd hand go for nearly £150.00 on ebay and they £300.00 from audi where else can you go
keep checking local scrapyards, avoid audi breakers they know what the're worth, plus you never know what else you'll find while your there, my recent finds include leather handbrake handle, several avant toolkits, auto dim mirror
i got quoted £60 for a pump, but a complete impeller accidently fell into my toolbox so i repaired my own
Good point, the early cars had pneumatic boot unlock and the later had electronic.

My pneumatic boot unlocks with a 'G' pump (fuel flap circuit).

In the long run, you still have to physically press the button to open the boot.
what year? are you sure its got no pump at all, electronic part controls a load of other functions alarm, windows, interior lights etc
nope in my boot i got a sponge cover meant for the pump loads of wires and 2 tubes. 1 tuebs goes to only the fuel cap cover so im assuming the other controls the entire central locking??? mine a a4 1996
a 1996 shouldnt have a two pipe pump...

Mine only has a single pipe and its a late 96 model

I'm very surprised the car works normally without a pump fitted... It controls a huge amount of the features; locking, alarm, interior lights etc

How do you lock and unlock the car?
it def has two.............. just manually turn the key in the door lock. but i have a obvious problem, no cablin lights come on, no inside remote locking, no alarm etc.
96 will have a pump starting 4a0, you can get these fairly cheap, call in your local audi dealer with chassis no. and get a quote then when youve stopped laughing ask them give you the full part no, so you can get on ebay or down to scrappy
you cant convert to o.e remote c/l but once youve got a pump you can get an aftermarket kit
im pretty sure later models wont lock/unlock without a pump in place
i know mine wouldnt lock with the battery disconnected. As i was fitting my sub on monday and went to lock it not thinking and the door did nothing key turned but the pin stayed up and the door was still unlocked. So i'd presume that it wouldnt lock/unlock without a pump either.
whats part number? time to get on ebay!
the single outlet ones fetch a lot less as they dont fail as often
aragorn; i found this out the hard way by leaving lights on all day, put key in and nothing happened, could open boot but had to get AA out, he had to jack up, remove tray and attach leads to starter to get enough juice to unlock door, just as he pulled off i thought i wonder if i blow down airline it would unlock, it works aswell!
8LO 862 257G is what i need but id rather have it new to be onest that way im sure it working fine and wont ****** up in a year after buying it
do ypu have flip out keys with buttons cos thats a remote c/l pump
no only lock/unlock by key hole on door. pantz aint it but notr to worry once pump fitted im getting a brand new alarm anyway
late 96 with 97 spec? if part number is correct pump controls alarm, so no need to buy one, get a key fob and get it coded
can you buy just the impeller from anywhere?its a bit of a waste having to get a new pump when its just a bit of graphite thats broken.
Like said earlier i dont have any pump at all it complety missing. audi gave me a gen number with my chassis number. ive found a 8lo 862 257 A on internet will this fit my car?? part number form audi was 8Lo 862 257 G so onlt he end letter different.
its not a remote c/l pump but would lock / unlock doors, 'A' is the most basic pump, still not convinced your car should have a twin outlet 8l0 pump though, how many wiring connectors have you got that would plug into pump, do they all have tiny connections?
if one of the plugs has larger round connections its for a 4ao pump, if not get a 8l0 'g' and some fobs
im after a central locking pump for my a5.it is the one with 2 hoses going into it i need.if anybody has one that works let me know if your selling it.

ive just got an 8l0 'e' and an 8l0 'p' pump what part number is yours
mine is 8D0 826 257E. sa long as its the same impeller ill just swap it into my pump.

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