fabia vrs vs a3 TDi? confusing stats


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May 1, 2010
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why is it that a fabia Vrs (130bhp) is faster than a a3 TDi (130bhp) even though the a3 weighs less than the fabia and has the same running gear. the specs are as follows:

Audi a3 1.9TDi (130ps) 3 door
Weight 1200 kg
0-60 mph 10.2 s
Power Output 128 bhp
Torque 310 Nm
Top Speed 127 mph

Fabia vRS 1.9TDi (130ps) 5 door
Weight 1315 kg
0-60 mph 9.2 s
Power Output 130 bhp
Torque 310 Nm 229 lb-ft
Top Speed 128 mph

as far as I am aware these both have the same engine and gearbox, do these have different mapping? even so the vRS has no more peak torque so why is it so much quicker 0-60? the only thing I can think of is tyre sizes ( a bit wider on the skoda) and aerodynamics. can any one else explain this? all figures from parkers website.
id guess its the mapping..... although aerodynamics will play a part, dunno how big a part though cos it is a smaller car
you'll probably find its all manufacturer guff mate, as most know Audi usually always underestimate their power output, 0-62 times etc.
sneaky (but clever) germans! :beerchug:
the Octavia was down to ratios and map, they beat standard 180 bhp A3's easily!!
Had a wee play with one today no match at all would have thought an A3 tdi would have been a lot faster 0-60 and I'm sure the top speed is a bit more than 127mph talking from being in one doing over 130mph!
Fabia vRS 1.9TDi (130ps) 5 door
Weight 1315 kg
0-60 mph 9.2 s
Power Output 130 bhp
Torque 310 Nm 229 lb-ft
Top Speed 128 mph

I'm curious about the weight of the Fabia vRS, that can't be right can it? It's based on the Polo chassis platform isn;t it?
i think it is Jo cos im sure the octavia is based on the A3...or sumat like that....theres a bizarre stist i know that much just cant rem which model :)
my mate has one that is mapped and that doesnt feel much quicker than mine, but the car does seem lighter and more nimble. i thought the gearing was the same other than larger alloys (wider too)? do they use the same gearboxes?
aero dynamics would come it to play more at top end rather than off the line. The weights would require confirm i.e. dry or wet. Thought the octavia used the A4/Passat floor pan? Id put the quicker 0-60 down to gearing and map
yeah jo that ties in...i know theres a bit of a shocker in there somewhere with regards to what chassis are used
Good point. Still amazing that you can get such a difference in car size from the same platform.

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