F1 Season 2009

Finally!, A new F1 Champion!! I would have preferred it to go to the last race, but Jenson did drive a good race, it was a shame that Rubens got a puncture in the end which ended all hopes for him.

Anyways, Congrats to the Jenson Button to the World Title, and Congrats to Ross Brawn and Team for the Constructors Title!. :)
i dunno, the puncture was the least of his worries, passing a KERS car was the only way to revive hope wasn't it? this is a question as i was in a very crowded house with only me watching....could hardly listen boooo

gonna watch again on sky + :)
you know as well as i do what the excuses will be ;)

what a drive from Hamilton....im sooo glad he took it off Vettel.....V is starting to annoy me now.....i know a lot of drivers tend to be arrogant but he takes it to the next level..see him pass Hamilton after weighing, shook his team mates hand and completely blanked hammy - 2 races back in the press conf where he won - total arrogance....n*b

funny how you see the pattern of the red bulls and brawn at the front with a lonely Mclaren.....that says a lot to me.... :)
Not a fan of Vettel neither, but I don't doubt he is fast, but I don't think he's arrogant personally.

Hopefully LH will KERS the start and drive away from the field, it's all good! :)
yeah was checking out the fuel.....only 2 laps predicted between them

I actually think Vettel is LH's biggest threat on the field, just his body language and various interviews make me think otherwise - another was the interview last week for when Jenson secured the championship, he was too much of a tail for my liking

hey i know what i meant to say.... im thinking Lewis must still have a gf especially as she was taking a nice family video of him pre quali.... or is that a front? we'll find out next season i suspect
Lewis out!! Tell you what they are some serious flood lights on that circuit
Cool Red Bull 1 and 2. Seems like red bull are winning all the races..lol
yup.....almost a statement within itself....when one is at the front, so is the other....tell a story :)

where was the other Mclaren? :tocktock:

Dan, he is renowned for not liking LH... ALonso is his baby.... dunno where he's been ALL season though, probably in the solicitors office working out his denial statement :)
The loss of LH meant the race was pretty boring, until the last 2 laps where JB tried to pass Webber. The track though looks awesome, and actually allows for overtaking! Did anyone catch JB after the race with the B and the F word just before the podium ceremony? Funny as.. :)

Cool Red Bull 1 and 2. Seems like red bull are winning all the races..lol

Good result(s) yes, but left it a bit late in the season didn't they?

Where did Alonso finish by the way? I couldn't be bothered to check.
yup the track is amazing......

I really like Webber but not sure on the comments.....'if Brawn hadn't pipped them with the diffuser at the start of the season then'.... surely if any of the teams hadn't have been pipped with this technicality then it would have been different, i dont see the point in all these what ifs

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