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May 28, 2006
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worcestershire, uk
ok picture this im sat at home watching tv and i hear a large bang outside, first thought was someone has kicked a wheel bin or something over but then thought cant be as they not out today

so i look ou the window to see some scumbag trying to pick his push bike up after he has clearly smacked it itto the side of my girlfriends car. BUT the thing is over drive is about 5m or so long and he is almost by my front door between our 2 cars so it not like he accidently lost control as they are parked at an angle also so wouldnt been easy to get between.

so i go for the front door and no ****** key so i find key and get out he gone but i see him and his mupet mate down the road so i chase them in my car and almost got him but lost him and he was shouting back at me in polish or something.

so i go back to her car and she has a dent in the rear quater panel and sill and some grazes and scatches to paint, she i absoulutely gutted and ****** of as she loves her car and it was spotless.

I think he was either trying the cars and slipped on the gravel and fell onto her car or my girlfriend has just spent alot of money on nice hanging baskets and pots for front the house and i reckon he was after a basket as he wouldnt carry the pots as to big. so its upset her that she makes house look nice and this happens.

BUT heres the annoying bit...... the idiot isnt very bright not only did i get a good look at him and his ****ty bike, i also noticed he was wearing the jacket from a company a couple miles up the road as it had its logo all over it, he was also heading into town around 10.20 and their shift ends at 10pm and ive seen him ride past few times before around same time. Also he fell and left great big hand print on the window and my neighbour over the road has cctv and it covers end my drive so i have clear image of him going up drive and then running back down with me chasing after a few mins after.

SO what will the police do??????? F**K ALL, they say there is nothing they can do???????

sorry but you have good description of him and his bike, you know where he works and what shift, we HAD a hand print until the rain has now washed it off, and cctv footage........but you say you cant help????? what the F**k am i paying you for.

Now i know its not crime of the century but my girlfirend is now scared in case he comes back as im going to be away from wednesday til friday, and she had bad experience from past when she came home to find intruders in our old house, and ive expalined this to the police but still sorry cant help and they will try to get a community officer to look into it? oh and they then asked was she insured for damage

WTF is wrong with you police? was it fact he wasnt speeding or fact he wasnt ****** english?

sorry but if you dont sort it me and a couple mates know where to find him like you do, only difference will get medieval on his foreign **** and teach him a ****** lesson
Sorry to hear about the motor mate, what bas**rds and as for the police, they are useless anyway what's the point in them sending round the tescos value bacon (community support) when they have no right to do anything anyway, grrr really does annoy me, hope you get it sorted mate.
Sort it yourself mate, but leave it a while and don't get caught. They wouldn't waste any time in throwing the book at you for protecting your stuff.
Sort it yourself mate, but leave it a while and don't get caught. They wouldn't waste any time in throwing the book at you for protecting your stuff.

This chap has the correct idea, although they'll be plenty that won't agree, so get your flaming suits on! :undwech:
Somethings to keep in mind before people get carried away: -

a) Everything posted on a public forum can be read by everyone and is cached by Google.

b) If you take matters in to your own hands and he knows it is you, then be prepared for retaliation if he knows your address.
I would have a quiet word with him and ask him if he would like to contribute towards the cost of repairing any damage he caused.
It isn't a traffic accident so no action police can take, they could ask him to make a contribution but he could say no.

Afraid to say the police are right and it's a civil matter.
I rang the non emergency number and the operator told me the local crime desk wasn't open on a sunday,the busiest time of crime must be a saturday yet the crime desk shut lol
I haven't bothered phoning them again let them keep the crime figures down
I do feel your pain, but there are two issues here. Firstly, for the Police to be able to do anything there does need to be a criminal offence, and it's hard without knowing the whole picture, but that does sound like a civil matter. Secondly, the government are currently in the process of decimating the Police Force in this country - be aware of that before you start slagging your local constabulary off!
surely as he has damaged her car whilst by looks attempting to break , all be it the damge was done when he dropped his by against her car, that would be criminal damage.......and to top it off i came home last night to find a lithuanian plated car parked just few doors down and when i swung onto the drive some foriegn looking chap came out my drive and rran to car and they drove off, so ive got the plate and im sure he was same muppet from night before so reported it.......so what do they say??? sorry sir what would you like us to do???

id like to know what a foriegner was doing coming off my drive at 11.30 in the evening, i tried to chase him in the car but lost him but did get the plates. And then they tell me they have closed the first case as they have no evidence and wouldnt know where to find him???......i told you where he F***ING WORKS is that not enough clue for you, they also said no the officers had been out to see me they couldnt persue further??? sorry which officers would that be were they undercover as they must have been invisible....

oh i also didnt find anything damaged or missing but think he was looking/trying......but no ive had cctv put up today or they are as i speak.
Where is the criminal intent to specifically damage your car when the bike 'dropped' onto the car? That's what you need and be able to prove (take it no witnesses saw it happen?)

I'm not having a go but police can only work to the law (which I suppose unfortunately they don't make).

Again it's an assumption which we can't prove they were trying to break into the car. Cops feel the pain also mate when it doesn't take a genius to work out what's gone on but nothing can be done due to lack of evidence ie forensics and someone seeing happen.

Have lots of mates in the police and they are more frustrated than you can imagine.
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Quite.Unfortunately in this coutry evidence is required to a)establish that there is an offence committed or suspicion of (again evidence required to suspect) and b)evidence to arrest.What happens from then on who knows, as there are more legal requirements set down by our laws.Assumption in this day and age in not enough.I feel your pain but you need to see the wider picture before you start condemnation which in this day is all too common.The police service of this country is quickly being decimated and privatised.Match that with laws biased against the victim, and were ********.Most forces are making cicilian posts redundant and replacing them by backfilling with officers which is why you were lucky to actually see one.And its going to get worse.Every incident is judged at an early stage as to its validity evidence wise as to whether to pursue.You now have one plod doing five plods work compared to even five years ago.
if theres a next time,when you phone the police tell them that he pulled a gun/knife on you when you confronted him,they have to respond to that,
register a complaint against the police,youve had two incidents off possible burgularies at your address without any action from the police,plus theres a vulnerable lone female at the adress,vent some anger at them,your paying council tax for this
register a complaint against the police,

You having a laugh?!

What exactly have they done wrong when you have read the very valid points above?

Let's create far more bearucracy for the cops to JUSTIFY they have done the right thing and have even more less on the street.

Oh and by the way saying a gun/knife was seen isn't a clever idea....
Oh and by the way saying a gun/knife was seen isn't a clever idea....

No... If you really want to get the Police out in a hurry, say the would be intruders called you a nasty 'racist' name....!! However this is only absolutely guaranteed to work if the accuser is of ethnic origin, and the accused white British.......
if theres a next time,when you phone the police tell them that he pulled a gun/knife on you when you confronted him,they have to respond to that,

Nice. Then when their resources are needed for a real job they're not available becuase they're dealing with lies.
lol the only thing im anrgy about is fact they havent been out then least it might stop my other half moaning, as it was her car .....

if they had done it to mine ive hunted them down by now and fed them to the pigs.

BUT whilst i understand what you are saying james regards criminal act.........i see it like this- a strange unknown person was up my drive a good 5-6 meters OFF the pavement towards my front door at 10.30pm who then proceeds to one way or other damage a car with his bike and then flee after confronted...surely that is criminal? if it was an accident why didnt he knock the door etc, but then he would also have needed to explain wtf he was doing between our cars at that time of night? as im sure if i went round a coppers house and did the same they would suddenly see it as a crime...

Dont get me wrong i understand the police are very busy and understaffed etc and this isnt the crown jewels being robbed, but this is now 2 incidents in 2 days and they know what happend to my girlfirend when she confronted by intuders before so, little F***ing compassion or understanding wouldnt go a miss just to put my gfriends mind at rest, especially as i have had to go away for next few nights so she alone and i think thats why she is so angry and its not the damge to the car, she just feels let down again

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