Extreme Lowered 380HP Audi S3 Sedan by SR Performance


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This will scrape on anything on a normal road.

From the article:
It features an aggressive lowering modification with a special KW coilover kit. In addition, the kit also includes an adjustable suspension shock bearing on the front axle. For this extreme lowering SR Performance just had to add huge wheels, that will go with the vehicles new appearance.

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Well, that looks ****** ridiculous, in my opinion. Wheel arch versus tyre curvature looks particularly naff.

Which is a shame because overall it looks very nice, the alloys suit it well. Going an inch down in size and upping the shocks a tad would be perfect IMO


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Way too low, **** alloys. 380 bhp is nice though.


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Its obviously not made to either be driven on uk roads. I think it is designed to be none other than a track or show car...