Facelift Extreme de-badge


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Opinions please; I will shortly be taking the front Bumper cover off my 2017 facelift S3 saloon when cutting new sensor mounting holes for parking sensors and am considering completely removing the badge mounting when/if I have to have the center section of the grill resprayed :-
What do you think about the effect on resale value? - would you buy an S3 without any badges
(rear already gone)
What do you think about changing the colour? body colour lighter /darker grey?
I also am considering fitting proper fog lights

As is (badge removed from photo fogs added)

trentham ss.jpg


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Hmm, my own opinion is leave it as it should be with badges. But saying that it's your car so do as you wish. As long as it's all reversible come sale time play with it & personalise to your taste. I think too many changers externally would put some future buyers off but others it wouldn't. Having been down the modify route with previous cars I tend to keep my daily drivers standard & this is why we bought our S3 as it was as it left the factory. Yes its now got a few choice retrofits but these are OE factory options (non cosmetic) all available when new & yes I know debadge is a factory option but I have no idea why you would if buying an S3. My Amarok came with factory delete option to not have V6 front grill or rear tailgate badges so I spent my cash & fitted them myself, looks much better now.


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I agree with Harvey. Too many external mods would put me off buying a car, however, badges can be refitted so that’s unlikely to put a car buyer off instantly. Just keep the badges in a small bag so the new owner can put them back on. I like the fog lights actually. Really subtle....nice. Keep the colour of the car as it is. I would never buy a wrapped car (assuming you’re not spray painting).


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I think many on here would say leave it be. Especially fitting foglamps. One of the issues in wrapping a car is the damage it may cause when it's eventually removed. At the end of the day though it's your car do with it what pleases you.:thumbs up:
edit... just looked back at your posted pic.. Why would you want to alter it?? It's a great looking car as is:yes:


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Looks like a nice car
Wear those S3 badges with pride... I would and I like adding stuff to my A3
Maybe the only thing I would do is get a carbon fibre honeycomb grill, that would look nice on this.
Dont forget to paint the crossmember if you do.


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Guys - I think I may have not made myself clear, I am only thinking about spraying (I never mentioned wrapping) the background colour of the grill center section IF and only if I have to when I have cut the holes in it for the parking sensors, then and only then I may change the colour of it slightly, Black Betty will be staying as she is as far as sticking bits of plastic all over it goes. it is an S3 and always will be, rest assured any mods I do will only ever look O.E. but I do like the look of very low and wide fogs. - menacing!


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My fault for mentioning wrapping. I just assumed you meant the whole car.:hopelessness: lol
Still think it's a good looking car though:icon thumright:
Mine had the rear S3 badge delete from new, I don’t mind not having it and although I did think about fitting it I prefer the cleaner look.
My car came with the standard grille although I was looking for a black edition car and have since bought a black edition grille to swap over. I will keep the standard in case I want to swap back at any time as I too was looking for a mod free car.