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  1. wideboybloke

    wideboybloke Registered User

    I don’t normally keep my cars beyond the new car warranty period, but I so like my A4 Avant, I decided to soldier on with it for a fourth year. I took out an extended warranty just in case and at the end of the fourth year the annual service identified a cracked thermostat housing with consequent loss of coolant. It cost £97 to fix, but as I have a £100 excess I paid for that. Nevertheless, lesson learnt - my hitherto reliable A4 is fallible.

    I’ve decided to keep the car for a fifth year now and so I took out the extended warranty again. Two weeks into the new warranty period and I get a warning message on the DIS that there is a brake servo problem. The diagnostic procedure suggests that the pressure sensor on the servo has packed up, but the technician has checked the wiring and the sensor itself and can find no faults, so the conclusion is that the servo has failed. The new one is on back order and will cost £1500 (actually closer to £1600) to replace.

    So, if you fancy keeping yours beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period, I would strongly advise an extended warranty as these Audis are not cheap to repair. With the £100 excess mine cost £372 which I consider good value for money given what has happened.
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  3. Baj257

    Baj257 Registered User

    I had a similar issue with my car. I had an ABS fault that wouldn’t go. Audi said they had done all the tests and it was some sort of pump that had broken, the pump was £1400 + Labour to fit it.
    Took it to an independent garage and it was an ABS sensor fault, cost me £90 for the sensor and £50 labour. Sorted.
    Unfortunately some garages, especially main dealers do take the p**s. I’d always get a second opinion if you had a big cost to pay out, especially out of warranty people like myself.
    I don’t use the Audi dealers anymore as I’ve had issues with both of them round by me.
    Some sound like they are good though, going by comments from people on here.

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  4. wideboybloke

    wideboybloke Registered User

    That’s very interesting. Before my car went into the dealer I googled the warning message that had flashed up on the DIS and it transpires that the message is quite common. Owners had found that with their cars standing idle during lockdown (as mine did) a fault was developing with a sensor on the servo and several had had the sensor replaced at a cost of £200. So that’s what I expected to be told with mine. Well the guy carried out all the checks prescribed by Audi which took him straight to the pressure sensor but that apparently is not the faulty item. As it’s a warranty claim, the dealer has no incentive to make it an expensive repair, but I am left wondering if a meal is being made of something fairly straightforward.
  5. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member

    Just renewed mine for another year, all components and £100 excess at £34 a week I feel is fine. When you consider a stronic gearbox replacement could run to £8k or more well worth the peace of mind...
  6. wideboybloke

    wideboybloke Registered User

    And it was the gearbox that worried me most about this car, yet here we are with no hint of trouble (touch wood) from that area.

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