Extended service interval - oil change Audi A8 4.2 TDI


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May 19, 2018
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Hi Guys,

Could anybody tell me are the below setting for extended service interval oil change is correct. That are the setting which service made when they change oil a few mounts ago. I have doubts about the competence of this service and I want to check if the settings are correct.I bought VAG cable and software soon and while I was looking at my oil change settings I noticed that the value for “IDE00515-ESI: oil quality” is “poor oil quality”. I have read that for the Extended Service Interval Oil Change this must be set to “good oil quality” but not “poor oil quality”! If it is correct can I change it now on “good oil quality” and it is necessary to change the value for “soot entry” too?
The car is Audi A8 4.2 TDI, 2013.

Mileage: 81212km-50462mi Repair Order:
VCDS Release 18.2.0: SRI Reset-SRI1.CLB
Control Module Part Number: 4H0 920 830 R Labels: .4H0-920-xxx-17.clb-SRI1
Component:TDieRDWACCNV- H53 0621, Coding:13860800BF550008000000
Operation: Please select an operation
Channel Description Current val. New val.
IDE00342-ESI: Resetting ESI ESI: Service Reminder Status no warning ---
IDE00510-ESI: distance driven from inspection ESI: Distance since Inspection 7600 km ---
IDE00511-ESI: time from inspection ESI: Time since Inspection 192 Days ---
IDE00515-ESI: oil quality ESI: Oil Quality poor oil quality ---
IDE00517-ESI: soot entry ESI: Soot Quantity 24700 km ---
IDE00518-ESI: thermal load ESI: Thermal Load 9600 km ---
IDE01153-SIA: maximum value of distance to service SIA: Maximum Distance to Service 30000 km ---
IDE01154-SIA: maximum value of time to service SIA: Maximum Time to Service 730 Days ---
IDE03349-FIX: Max. distance until next mileage-related inspection FIX: Maximum Distance to Inspection 30000 km ---
IDE03350-FIX: Maximum time until next time-dependent inspection FIX: Maximum Time to Inspection 730 Days ---
IDE03351-FIX: Distance covered since last mileage-dependent inspection FIX: Distance since Inspection 7600 km ---
IDE03352-FIX: Time since last time-dependent inspection FIX: Time since Inspection 192 Days ---