EXPLANATION and has anybody seen my old car?


Hello All,

First and foremost the more seasoned posters may remember some rather unusual posts a few years ago. A disgruntled ex-employee took it upon himself to play silly buggers with my forum accounts (not just this one). Anyway I was relieved to find that after a year or so my account is not blocked anymore so here I am.......

I eneded up buying a 993 after going to see many RS4's, RS6's, RS2's, and other marques of performance cars. The porker was the only one that flicked my switch enough to outlay 20k and be in the wifes bad books for not spending it on a deposit for a bigger house. This is the porker.

She's a dancer. I must add though that from experience, the community is full of complete and utter twats. Even more so than you would imagine. I guess its the (dare I say it) class of people that can afford the premiums these cars command. Some of them lack a sense of humor altogether and others are fickle beyond imagination. There are some ok ones though I guess.

Moving on I was wondering has anybody seen or does anybody know the whereabouts of my old B5 2.8 V6 phase 1? I sold it for a paltry sum of £1600 in the autumn of 2011 via ebay. The guy who won it then sold it to an enthusiast. I must have spent 10k on that car over 2 years renewing just about everything. Sadly though it was still just a 1998 2.8 v6! Some pics below for recognition purposes. I sold it with brand new BBS LM reps and toyo proxes too (now slapping myself).

Wearing Porsche "turbo twists"

The interior was very distinctive with s4 recaro seats, a custom center console, b7 steering wheel and custom "quattro" overmatts. It also had the full Votex kit on it and a LCR splitter. I would love to hear from anybody whom has seen it/knows of its whereabouts.

Aragorn, Ras, Geeman to name but a few (others know who they are) thanks for the help when I had a prob with my old car. Thinking about purchasing a 2011 rs6 soon for a daily drive so I might be a regular again!


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Wellcome back Ollie, the porker looks mint !


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That 993 is a proper sports car lol, would you be selling that to fund the RS6? One of the best colours too. Shame it sits outside though.


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Glad to see your still enjoying the porsche!

I have to say i've never seen your car around these parts since you left which is a shame, it was a nice motor.

RE the spammy posts, i think i stuck a 1 year ban on the account as it was obvious it had been hacked or compromised. I did send a PM saying if you wanted it unlocked to email us, but maybe you didnt get it?


I will be keeping the 993 and buying the RS6 as a daily. I 've got a Nissan as a daily at the mo but its pretty mundane to drive so fancy a change up. The driveway is a pain in the ****, the porker usually sits under a cover during the week as its only a weekend toy.

Cheers for the vote up Adam, hope your well mate. Is Geeman and Foxmeister still around?

I've got a feeling my B5 was probably stripped for parts as all the running gear was new and cost me a fortune. Oh well.

Aragorn, no didn't get the email, probably because my address was compromised and shut down. You still got the pink avant matey?



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I hope that is still on the road, would have been a shame to strip it :(
Can I just ask. Can you remember where you got those quattro logo'd mats from at all? I've tried to find some but the couple of places I've asked to do them tell me they can't use the proper font.


Hello ninenails. Good to see your still on the board. I had some bother too when ordering them. I actually wanted them to say "Audi Quattro" but they refused to use the word "audi". They were a bit reluctant to use "quattro" but a score persuaded them otherwise. I'm pretty sure it was JustMatz - custom car mats that YOU design

It was almost 4 years back I ordered them but as I said I'm 99.9% sure it was those guys. Cost £120 but that was including a huge boot matt with massive "quattro" writing across it. Dog wrote it off in no time! lol!

Hope this helps.


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Yeah I'm still about but not had much time for car related stuff other than just keeping the old barge running over the winter. Life just seems to keep getting in the way of my free time.
Cheers for that info matey, I'll look into it. Yeah guess it's the copyright thing but there's got to be places that will do it but obviously can't advertise the fact.


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Echo your thoughts about the calibre of people on 993 forums, my brief fling with 993 ownership last year was met by many calls of
"Why dont you look for a mint example"
I.e. about 10k premium over what i was looking at…… .
Must be nice to have all these spare 10k bundles lying around..

Anyway, car looks good. Get an rs6 for daily. Ideal garage in my eyes.


Hello Farquare. I hear you. If you didnt notice at the time more than half of these guys are in their late 40's and older. I bought one before I joined any forums. I was the guy giving the advise on DIY's etc 90% of the time even driving to somebodies house once to fix their exhaust out of "forum spirit". The skin and bones is this. A load of old farts blowing farts about their P cars and the rest chiming in only when it suits them. All in all hands down this was and is a better forum user per user basis. The well known american porsche forum is even worse if you know the one im on about. Thats almost like being a jew in the company of nazis. Bit harsh you may think. No, its a fact.
The 993's a keeper but I wont be having ****** all to do with any related forums. Too clicky and too straight laced.

Rant over.