Experiences using CTEK MXS 5 or similar


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New job means I'm no longer using the car for the daily commute. Battery low warning has flashed up last couple of weekends, so I'm looking for ways to keep the battery topped up. I've read good things about these CTEK battery conditioners, but I don't have a garage, so any mains lead is going to have to trail out of the house and be exposed to the weather. And am going to prefer one that can charge using the cigarette socket as I don't fancy leaving the bonnet/boot open when parked on the street. Hence, am wondering what people's experiences are of using these devices. E.g roughly how long do these take to re-condition batteries that are running low. And can you interrupt these when they are say halfway into re-conditioning the battery without harming the battery itself....which I might end up doing if it starts raining.


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I have a CTEK MSX 10 that I use when I’m away for an extended period (car is garaged)

If your talking about charging it on the street, I think your biggest issue will be theft, or someone tripping over the trailing mains cable.

I have mine direct to the battery using one of the CTEK extension cables with round lugs on one end, and run the cable out of the boot without any damage to the cable. If you clip onto the battery under the bonnet, you can find ways to drop a mains cable out the bottom, and don’t need to leave the bonnet open.

I guess another option would be to take the battery out the car, and change it in the house?

You can unhook the charger at anytime without causing problems to the battery.

I’ve never timed how long it takes to recondition a battery, the whole thing is automated with the CTEK’s.