Exhaust valves open problem


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Hello guys,

I need some help. As I read in many threats, I wanted to keep open the exhaust valves all time.
I did it via VCDS. First starting the car and put it into dynamic, and then gear to mode S.
Then I turned it off and make the change via VCDS.
The car sound so much better than before, but I notice that all tail pipes are black except the outer one in the left side. Has this valve still closed?



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Tried putting your hands by / in the exhaust tips to feel any heat / air?


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When I went back home yesterday, I noticed all pipes were so hot instead of that one...
I will check the air flow today and see what happens.
Any recommends? Probably I will do the process again trying to fix it.
Thanks for your comment oli356

Supa Koopa

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The heat/air vent I can feel in the three black ones is much more than in the other one.
Any ideas how to fix it?


No but I'd love to hear how. Mine does exactly the same and has done since I bought it. It went back to Audi for them to check and they said it was normal, working fine and they even stuck and endoscope down it to make sure it was opening correctly. After all that I still have one pipe that does not soot up and is definitely weaker in pressure than the others.

Not bothered about them being open all the time, but would just like them to all work the same. :)