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Facelift Exhaust valve opening RPM in "normal"

BMB Aug 9, 2020

  1. BMB

    BMB Registered User

    Does anyone know if the current 3800 RPM that opens the valves under "normal" mode can be changed via VCDS or if this is part of the mapping tables?
    I have mine de-cat and sport exhaust - it would be nice to raise it to e.g. 4200 before open to allow for a bit of fun driving without people think you lost your mind :D (quite loud)
    RS3 - 2017
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  3. Walternate

    Walternate the 1st 5 days after the weekend are the hardest

    Nope, you'll need a valve controller
  4. Spike107

    Spike107 Registered User

    Yep, as said above, valve controller required. ASR and CETE are 2 options... I have the Cete on my RSQ3...pretty expensive to be fair for what is essentially a wiring loom, but means you can drive around without kicking the @rse out of sport mode all the time to hear the exhaust.

    Not sure where ASR are based but If you go down Cete route, I would buy before the end of the year when we leave EU as price will no doubt rise...

    Have a look at this thread...
  5. BMB

    BMB Registered User

    Yes, to take full control that seems to be the right way forward. However, I am quite ok with the original control but would just like to increase the opening RPM slightly. Can it really be the 3800 RPM is hardcoded in the software and thereby not either a parameter or something that can be changed with the engine control mapping tables?
  6. Spike107

    Spike107 Registered User

    I don't belive the RPM settings can be changed... Could be wrong but there's nothing in VCDS etc which is why we've had to plump for these controller devices. These companies are onto a winner as everyone who buys a "new" performance car now has all these stupid particulate filters which dulls the exhaust sounds. Pretty **** really as you buy a performance car to hear the "pops and bangs"!
  7. D0C

    D0C Registered User

    My stage 1 has valves always open in dynamic.
  8. BMB

    BMB Registered User

    I have plenty of pops and bangs and really loud scream at high rpm. It is fitted with Miltek down pipe without CAT and mapped to just under 500hp.
    I think it is always open i dynamic which is fine. I am actually looking to be able to accelerate a bit harder without the valve opening automatic in non dynamic modes. I would be surprised if this cannot be controlled somehow. I will talk to my "mapping guy" and see what he says.
    Another annoying thing is the tik-tik sound that becomes very clear without CAT. What i have figured out is that it is related to the turbo waste gate being kept open when no boost is demanded from the ECU and the car is in non dynamic mode. This I will try to have changed as well via mapping so it operates as a normal waste gate that opens to clamp boost pressure to maximum level.
  9. Marky79

    Marky79 Registered User

    I’m looking at buying a controller myself. From reading up on the options it seems some people sell the controller as they’re going for a remap. This tells me that there must be tuning companies out there able to remap the valves to open.

    ps: not talking about disabling them via VCDS.
  10. JohnM100

    JohnM100 Registered User Gold Supporter VCDS Map User

    I was a bit surprised when mine farted in auto last week - don’t remember it doing that before as thought it was dynamic only. Yes I do hear the flaps cycle when I start the car.
  11. Dan_DJT

    Dan_DJT RS3 Saloon

    Valve opening is based on RPM and load so can be changed quite a bit, just needs to be done with caution. Wastegate rattle is an easy fix in the maps.
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