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After 1 years and 8 months of owning FL s3 hatchback I have decided to upgrade stock exhaust. Dont mind the performance but would like to get the sound. Before you all slate me here, I know there are loads of posts here. Can you recommend something that won't break my bank account and add some noise.

Thank you

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There is loads on here about fitting the mid box delete (Resonator delete) I was nervous about cutting my exhaust and fitting it... "will it be too loud" will it sound SH$T" etc, but went for it (normal without the anti drone) and am well happy. it sounds like I think it should have from factory.
There is a lot of talk here too about it being droney on the 6speed but I dont think so under 70mph anyway. not to a point where id worry about it. perhaps it will with the valves open too. Just get another genuine or at least good quality clamp as you will need 2 when putting it back together.
Its also a DIY job if you can get under the car, but a decent garage shouldnt charge much to fit it.