Exhaust system on diesel?


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Im in need of some urgentttt help... I have had many different opinions on this, but thought id get some professional advice from audi owners.

I have a 2.5TDI quattro (180) Audi A4.... I was thinking of going for an exhaust system...

should i get full de-cat without back box`s? Or Cat back system???

Bearing in mind it has twin exit (one on each side).

The reason i am lost with what to do is, I have been told if i take my cat off, I will loose alot of torque.... I want to either gain a slight increase in power, but most of all a nice roar....

Many thanks in advance


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i had cat back and its quieter than before !!! did mine just for looks though ;)


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hi go on youtube n type in milltek audi a4 3.0tdi its milltek's own demo vid it sounds awsome