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Right guys!

Basically I drive an A4 B8 2.0tdi (170bhp version) and I'm currently in the process of arranging a few things.
Firstly a friend of mine who owns a garage is happy to gut my DPF for me and obviously stick it back on the car (MOT lark i know, i know, its illegal now). Secondly I've got an exhaust guy on standby too to help me fit a quad (2x2) exhaust system. Then finally it will be going for a Re-map and EGR delete at another place.

What I've come to ask for advice or help with is the whole set up so i don't get the dreaded drone or a constant pain in the **** exhaust tone when driving anywhere at all!

Basically I have grown past the whole exhaust making my car as loud as possible stage! Did that with my ST when i was a teen! I enjoy my A4 as it is right now where i can drive around town and it is smooth, pretty much quiet (its a derv so it does make noise as we know) and motorways it just loves them, again, smooth and pretty much hardly any noise or drone. I know some will say well leave it as it is. I don't wish to do that as i want the exhaust quad tips look, the DPF gone so its an incredibly expensive part that i don't need to worry about going at any moment, the car will run and breathe better without it and I want the EGR delete because it keeps playing up for me (errors all the time on my vagcom).

Right, so now we know i deffo want to do this, what is the best way to achieve what i want which is:

- All the looks
- DPF issue a thing of the past
- More power and smoother driving mixed with better mpg with a Remap
- Not a chav-tastic Corsa like noise coming from the car/exhaust (other than a nice subtle tone or grunt when flooring it i guess as it is to be expected)

My original idea was to do this:

- Gut the DPF
- EGR Delete
- Remap
- Keep the centre silencer in place (some models i have been told don't have one but mine does just after the back box a little further down)
- Do i remove the back box already in place as it doesn't help the breathing of the car really
- 4 lovely tips on the end of the pipes ...... Taaadaaaaa!!!

Now i was wanting advice, tips, videos, links, anything from anyone who may have done this or similar themselves with a diesel and to see how it sounds and drives. The exhaust is the main thing I'm after, like i said i don't want any drone, constant noise in the cabin/inside and little noise when driving normally like everyone else around town or on motorways! When i floor it i am not daft, i expect some noise!

Thanks guys, appreciate any help and appreciate you taking the time to read this novel!


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Time to swop for an S4, you get the quad tips as standard - sorry, not helpful, but I just had to do it, but maybe a very good idea?

Edit:- oh and swop the Polo 1.4TDI for a Polo 1.2TSI 110PS, job done!


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Keeping the centre silencer should keep the drone down. Diesels are generally pretty quiet, on my last car which was a Seat Exeo I left the DPF in but ran a straight pipe back over and to be honest it was really quiet but did drone at 70mph.... with the DPF out and removing the back box you should get a nice tone and bit of turbo noise which can sound like an owl :)


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Why ruin a nice car? Removing the dpf makes it unsellable.
Fix the egr fault and leave it alone!
Diesels DONT sound good after silencers removed, it also does not improve performance. Just sounds like a bakedbean can.

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