exhaust pics need some help guys


'96 a4 1.8 se
hi , have a problem with my exhaust, there is a hole/leak somewhere around the front section, originally a slight purr when accelerating now very noisy but again at its worst when accelerating, drives as normal. don't have much experience with exhausts so not sure how big a hole i should be looking for.

will i be doing major damage driving it as it is. or will it be ok for a short period of time , say a few days to a week til i get the right bit ordered up. the whole downpipe and gaskets are available from eurocarparts for £90 (inc vat)

i believe the problem is in the front/down pipe section. will try and get it jacked up tomorow but in the meantime i have taken some pics. i think the section which is covered with braid is the problem. doesn't look healthy, looks like it has stretched/dislodged itself.

sounds like its coming from around that area

see what you guys think.







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jack it up and start the engine, you can normally feel the exhaust leak when you run your hands around the pipe (from cold ovbviously!)


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could be from the braided section.
jcb is right start it from cold and run your hands around you should feel it
it could also b e the exhaust manifold gasket, seen those go before to!

Did you fix you immo fault


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Do as the guys say above get one of your mates to put his hand over the end of the exhaust and the back pressure will highlight the leak more easyly for you



'96 a4 1.8 se
:friends: jack it up and start the engine, you can normally feel the exhaust leak when you run your hands around the pipe (from cold ovbviously!)

spot on, thanks jcb, and everyone else too, couldn't have been sure without trying that first. got a temporary repair with exhaust putty/paste, all is quiet again. it was coming from that section, believe its the flex-joint. is it possible to replace just this section by cutting it out and welding in a new flex joint? anyone know how much these flex joints cost roughly or where i can get one? failing that i'l just replace the whole downpipe.

marmite - yeah immobiliser is 100% a-ok. :rockwoot: can;t believe how great it is to just turn the key and know that it'l start every time.


'96 a4 1.8 se
new downpipe + gaskets ordered!

-- jeezo , arrived today, thats the second time i've ordered from eurocarparts and both times items have arrived the next day. whilst my car was up on jackstands i noticed that when i started the engine the wheels turned forward slightly. with the slightest of pushes the wheel would turn on its own then stop, the passenger side would manage a couple of turns before it would stop, not fast like but a bit disturbing. there is a slight resistance if i try to push them backwards. switch off engine or drop the clutch and the wheels are free to move. what's the deal there then?


'96 a4 1.8 se
new downpipe fitted. surprised there are not more brackets for holding up the exhaust system. when i disconnected the flange next to the flex joint i had to hold up the catalyst section with a jackstand. the next bracket is back at the silencer box.