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Exhaust Options

S1 Wales Mar 22, 2020

  1. S1 Wales

    S1 Wales New Member

    First post on here for myself. So, afternoon!
    Got myself a 2018 S1 in Silver with Quattro Packs. Not too sure of all the options that it has but loving it.
    Only mod so far is the 4H short shifter kit.

    Next step... wanting to make the exhaust a little more lively. Only issue is that, it is a business car so it is required to be very subdued and quiet at times but would love to have the switch-ability to make it more aggressive and definitely a lot fuller. And finally, as always. Don't 'want' to spend too much on it.

    What options are there out there?

    Look forward to all the suggestions and videos of examples etc
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  3. Phazer

    Phazer New Member

    What do you think of the short shift? Looking to do mine soon.

    A popular mod on the exhaust is to remove the resonator. Check out the videos out there though to decide if it's for you. There are some crazy crazy loud S!'s out there :D
  4. VeeFource

    VeeFource New Member

    Bear in mind if the car's switched off in Dynamic mode and left for a while it'll be faux Dynamic when it's restarted. You need to select Dynamic mode again for it to be properly back in that mode so the exhaust valve is fully open again.
  5. RS3 S.

    RS3 S. Well-Known Member Team Daytona TFSI Owners Group Team V8 S tronic Audi RS6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Maybe try to find one of those kits where you can have the exhaust valves open all the time?. Car looks good by the way.
  6. S1 Wales

    S1 Wales New Member

    @Phazer loving the Short Shifter, definitely should have been fitted as standard. I've done about 3k with it on now, but you seriously notice the difference when you hop into a standard car again. I have been checking out some with resonator delete's, there is such a massive variation out there, it is hard to get a feel for it. Think i need to hear in real life.
    @VeeFource thanks for the reply. Is a slight technical hitch that, had noticed it. Not too much hassle though! Just a bit annoying.
    @RS3 S. Think i need to do a little more research. Thanks :thumbs up:think the next step is to get a decent coat of polish on there. :happy:
  7. Phazer

    Phazer New Member

    @S1 Wales Great, thanks for the feedback!

    On the exhaust front, yep, there are people running single deletes and double deletes and straight through decat jobs - subtle they ain't! Would be worth getting to a meet or two once we're back to normal to find your preference.
  8. SPIKE_S3

    SPIKE_S3 Vorsprung durch Technik Team Daytona Team Ara Blue

    @S1 Wales beautiful S1. Absolutely loved our previous S1 - great drivers car with the manual box.

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