exhaust noise problems


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fitted a miltek 3" downpipe with sports cat and a jetex center and back box

i chose the jetex a i read it wasnt a loud exhaust but the noise im getting from the car is very boomy and chavy

either looking to fit the old oem exhaust to the downpipe or maybe find somthing a bit quieter

any ideas ???

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Whats going on???
Have you thought of maybe the resonated milltek mate? Ment to be no louder than oem but a nicer sound,

cheers Matt


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How big are the boxes?


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As Tom said.... I suspect the back box is small.... I had the same prob with my custom exhaust and the only fix was to get a Milltek back box... its now blissfully quiet but I do mis the noise occasionally ;P



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I have two cans in mine, the centre one is about a foot long and about 4 inches round and the back box is massive so nice and quiet. We fitted the biggest one we could and its spot on so id suggest the cans are too small


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I was about to say, tuffty had similar issue, but obviously beat me to it! I just had my Relentless DP and 120 cells fitted to milltek non res, and it sounds lovely, I would say you can't go wrong with milltek even with BT for later days it could be useful.