Exhaust- hush hush


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Okay, so my neighbors have been hinting that my Audi's too loud when I leave in the mornings for work. I'm on good terms with my neighbors and they haven't been bitching at me for the Eclipse all that much. I can see where they're comin' from, early in the morning, when its cold, my car sounds like a V8. I LOVE that angry noise it produces, but I'm not the only one hearin' it. I'm thinking of doing something about it. My idea was this: to have the shop that did this exhaust make me a new piece for the rear. I was thinking of trying to find the resonator and a pair of mufflers from an RS6. I think the exhaust on that is large enough in diameter(even stock) not to restrict flow, but it should bring the noise down significantly. Does anyone else have any other suggestions? I really want to keep my downpipes open, like they are now, though. I don't want to have to redo the entire exhaust either, I think it came out very nice.


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My neighbours moan at me now and again,we are on good terms so its just a bit of banter,i wont be changing mine.
My motors a 99 a6 4.2 v8 quattro with a custom stainless exhaust from the cat back,no centre box just an x pipe that replaces it.
What motor do u have?


A wee sound clip of it