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Peter Tomalin

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We're putting together a buying guide to the 2010-2016 RS5 and we'd love to have some input from you guys.

If anyone here is a bit of an RS5 'guru' and would be happy to chat about the good and bad points, I'd love to hear from them.

I also need someone to talk about their own personal experiences with the car for the 'I Bought One' section. Any keen owners on here be up for that?

Happy to give plenty of mentions for the site in return, and copies of the mag for anyone we feature.

If you'd like to be part of it, please drop me a line at petertomalin@me.com

Thanks in advance,


Peter Tomalin
Contributing writer, evo


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Great offer Peter for someone to share their experiences. I'm sure the inbox will be flooded in due course and look forward to reading the write-up as I'm looking for one at the moment, so the sooner the better please. Happy to receive a copy of the mag :) Which issue will it hit?

Free bump ;)