Ever wondered how much? PCP calculator on Audi.co.uk

Audi PCP website 1

Updates to Audi UK web site make weighing up the monthly cost of Audi models ordered via PCP quicker and easier.
  • Minimum monthly PCP cost of every new Audi model and trim combination now shown alongside OTR price on audi.co.uk
  • Simple tabs enable quick and easy calculation of additional monthly cost of moving up the trim tiers
  • Every model page provides easy access to a more personalised quote
When admiration for a new Audi leads to calculation of its affordability the Audi UK web site is now even better placed to help with research by providing instant access to the minimum monthly cost of every new model in the brand’s extensive portfolio. The new indicative monthly payment guides for customers looking to place an order with the help of an Audi Solutions Personal Contract Plan (PCP) finance agreement feature alongside each OTR purchase price in the Explore Models section of audi.co.uk. They form part of newly designed model pages that also provide the detailed data behind the highlighted price and convenient one click access to a more personalised quote.

The newly updated Explore Models section containing PCP data can be found at https://www.audi.co.uk/models.html
Audi PCP website 2

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