European GP


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What a start! Looks like we could be in for a good race... for a change.

No wonder Hamilton didn't want to leave his car, he kept his engine running!

Damn, they've red flagged it!

Isn't it about time cars can be rescued from gravel traps and allowed to rejoin the race? Sod, the extra few kilo's they should all have starter motor's on them (I know someone's going to say its not that simply a matter of sticking a starter motor on them but it must be feasible to have an F1 engine start itself somehow)


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That was an awesome race!

I wonder how they'll edit it for the highlights show tonight - the whole race was a highlight!!


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Wet weather always makes for an interesting race, seperates the men from the boys... too bad Lewis Hamilton couldn't make use of it, but a great race and pass from Alonso. :racer:

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Was I the only one that wanted Alonso and Massa to take each other out ?



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looked like they were going to kick off at the end there. Lewis made a huge mistake putting the slicks on so soon :tocktock: