EU may order compulsory speed limiters on ALL vehicles

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Form your que now, they will charge a fortune, i can limit your speed with vcds for a fraction of the cost muhahaha


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Won't happen, they may try to apply it to New cars like DRL's but it would never be retrospectively enforceable and it wouldn't be long before remappers cropped up offering the systems bypass.

Doubt our weak **** government would allow it, catching speeders looks so good for their figures. Not to mention the revenue from the fixed penalties.


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So many flaws in that I wouldn't know where to start...

Really can't see it much cost would be involved to convert all the old cars and it would also force every car manufacturer to encorporate this in their new cars....JUST for the UK.

If anything- certain car manufacturers may not even want to sell their cars here as it would be to much trouble to convert them.

Also- how about foreign vehicles? So anyone travelling across in their own car to the UK will still be able to speed - as I assume they would have a vehicle that is not speed limited.

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It wasnt that long ago there was talks about RAISING the limit to 80mph on our motorways...


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am i reading that wrong - it's just the UK, or is that just the way Sky wrote it up?

whilst i'm all for spoiling the fun of the tw@s who think they can drive at whatever speed they like, limiting to 70 would make overtaking on a motorway pretty much impossible. if i end up behind someone doing 60 or less, i get up to about 75 or so to get past them quickly - i was taught to overtake as quickly and safely as possibly, not do this "0.5mph faster than the other car" shte that takes you 2 miles to overtake.

if they'd start being a bit more severe w/ idiots who speed and drive recklessly instead of minor wrist slaps (or nothing it all, if you happen to be a multi-millionnaire footballer) they probably wouldn't need to come up w/ stupid plans like this.


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It's not going to happen, and even if it does, it'll only be a matter of time a tuner of some sort will override it! Can you imagine owning a S6 one day in the future, 0-60 4.2secs and 70mph top speed restricted! Lol

The idea will just kill off high end cars, and the sports car industry in the UK, so whoever came up with the idea needs to be shot! :gun2:


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Insurers are already doing it with their black boxes. I'm 30 and Admiral (my current insurer) wanted to fit a black box....I told them that they were stupid and to give me a quote without the box, and it was cheaper than they were saying it would be with it. I've been driving for 13 years and, to quote the AA excerpt in the Sky link above, "use a burst of speed to get out of dangerous situations".

The amount of people that are on their phones, smoking, not paying attention and generally driving like a **** is incredible. Speeding is very low on the amount of crashes/deaths on our roads; it's education and driving to road conditions. There are many times when 30mph is too fast in towns, same as 70mph in snow/torrential rain isn't clever either. But, when it's a bright sunny day with clear visibility I drive how the car should be driven.

I've just driven 150 miles to Dumfries area and saw far too many overtakes across solid white lines, blind corners and junctions; it's insane. I overtook three cars as they were following a caravan and all doing 38mph. I might have gone over 70mph but it was much safer than following behind them adding another hour onto my journey.

Anyway, after all of that, the Sky news thing does seem like it's just inciting comments and forum posts like this one, so it's done it's job in getting visibility.