Estimate for repairs - Opinions needed also (8P experts needed)


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Looking at becoming a A3 owneer soon, came across this on ebay only 2 mins away from my home!

Now i would think, some kids had it and its been a little to much power for him, because who in the right mind would insure that TP/FT

Now, i need you 8P experts opinions, does the engine look asif its snapped a mount or something and not sitting right, is the damage you can see within the engine bay cosmetic like the case crack etc.

Mechanically im sure i can get it fixed as stepdads mechanic... bonnet, bumpers can be got without to much trouble and spraying isnt a issue.

IF you were to buy this car for repairing to KEEP for your personal car how much would you set your self for paying for it, in its current state. Then how much extra would you spend repairing it?

IS it even worth buying and repairing?

Thanks, i await your replys.

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I'm not sure you can insure a car TPFT which is over £3-4k as insurers have wised up to the fact that cars tend to dissapear if they end up in big accidents...

this car has a story to tell - be careful

futhermore - repanneling and jigging that A3 is far, far more than £450

ETA - I'd guess the panels themselves come to £500 alone


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The engine cover looks like it's snapped off it's mountings, have a look at the gap around the oil filler.

I'd take your mechanic over to have a closer look at it and price up the parts, bumpers, radiator, intercooler? and a pair of headlights (might have been Xenons) wont be cheap. He doesn't say if the airbags went off either. Straight ones are in the trader for around £9K. Tread carefully ;)

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It depends how much you will pay for labour and materials to be able to say if it can be financially viable. Doesnt 'look'' that bad but I'd never buy a salvage car without looking at it first.

You need to look at the engine mounts to see if the motor is twisted or mis-aligned. I'd also want to see underneath and look at the chassis legs before making a decision.

Its a big risk to agree to buy it without a good visual inspection. If the motor wasnt twisted and it only needs wings/bonnet/bumper etc then I would condsider it.


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I'd uess someone was driving someone else car on their insurance. Anything around £5K and over has to have fully comp.

Word of warning someone clipped the front end of my car denting the wing at the front and putting a 2" crack in the bumper. New wing, new bumper required and the repair bill is £2K so I have no idea how to re-jig and pannel that for only £450....



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I'm no mechanic mate so i don't know , but it looks pretty nasty to me, i'd get your stepdad round to view it with you, see what he thinks! even with cheapish labour still a couple/few grand to fix!

Also is the chassis bent/cracked?, steering ?

Get the oldman to cheak it out, and the AA



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Stepdad says pointless says not worth messing about it.

Jigging it will be alot more then £450, like somone said panels alone £500.

Im thinking £3000 atleast.


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And the rest! I presonally wouldn't go near it. There also isn't a picture to show the complete front end. Always from the side which tells me its a lot of damage.


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£450? He's having a laugh!

There is quite alot of damage judging from the pictures.

The chassis leg is mangled for a start and you can see the rest of the panels that need replacing.

Doesn't mention if the airbag has gone off but if it has then thats a few hundred for the airbag unit.

I'd personally stay away from it, first because by the time you have paid to fix it you could have bought a straight one for a couple of grand extra and secondly would you want to be driving a heavily repaired car................?

If you were to buy it then i wouldn't pay more than £4k for it as i reckon you are looking at £2.5k to fix it.


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As above, keep away from it, that chassis leg looks well out of line, it also looks like the rea wheel is kinked over, the engine has moved a fair amount soits probably twisted both sides, bent a driveshaft, the rad is gone and probably 1/2 the aircon. If you had access to all the tools it would make it easier but the whole car bar the roof - unless thats bent looks like it will need painting. Its probably worth 9k on a forecourt and I bet there is 5k + in repairs and it will never be right. I bet the guy that has it has bit off more than he can chew and decided to pass it on.


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It looks like a white elephant to me - there's alot of work in straightening out the front and re-strenghtening. It looks like the mounts have snapped to me, and the engine will have taken a fair bit of damage.

As said panels will be expensive, and as the 8P's are fairly new there wont be that many written off ones about so prices will be high.

He doesnt show any pics of the steering wheel or passenger area, that says to me airbags have deployed. Which could also mean airbags in seats have deployed. So that's two new seats and two new airbag units.

Even with your practically zero labour costs its not gonna be cheap to fix - and it could possibly never be quite 'right' if you know what i mean.

I also wouldnt drive around in a car that had a heavy front impact like that in the past, afterall the front is where you're most likely to hit it if you had a bump yourself.


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To me it look like the passenger airbag has fired. (look at passenger side picture) Now that is a new dash for starters, then 2 new airbags, then new seatbelts as they are going to of fired if the airbags went.

A big repair job.


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TBH guys, its ******. An you 8P owners have shown me this, i appriciate your input alot on this as i was thinking about going to have a look at it.

See the only tool we dont have access to is a jig!


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looking at that picture above you can see how far back the front wheel has been pushed and the drivers door has been pushed back. You've made the right choice not to consider it.


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I like 8L but 8P is growing on me, i have about 8/9 to play with but most have so many miles. after 1.9 or 2.0 diesel.

And if that was cheap repair would of been good. Oh well.


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defo not worth it mate,i repaired a honda civic that had very similar damage,maybe not as bad,and that was never right,its a shame because its been a nice car,but o well

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nyzrox said:
I like 8L but 8P is growing on me, i have about 8/9 to play with but most have so many miles. after 1.9 or 2.0 diesel.

And if that was cheap repair would of been good. Oh well.

slightly above you budget but you might be able to negotiate the asking price down a few hundred

wouldn't mess about with the 3rd vendor though going by his name ;)


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Also the sport model didn't merit S-line badges, tut tut....


I love this quote from the ebay ad:

"Car in excellant pre - accident condition"


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my car recently got smacked at the back - only damage was deep scratch and crack on bumper and scuffed alloy - total cost to repair £1300 - the parts are pretty expensive bought new from audi and second hand ones will be half price at cheapest - which is still expensive, ie, prob £200 front bumper, £100 a wing, thats without all the structural stuff underneath and the paint labour etc.


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Why would you wanna buy that? ! U must have a screw loose...