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Essex or Herts Mechanic recommendations please

gooner88 Aug 4, 2018

  1. gooner88

    gooner88 New Member

    Just purchased my first A6 a 1.9tdi sport.Its immaculate inside and out and has been shown lots of love in its lifetime. I want to continue this with a mechanic that cares. Any recommendations please? A6 2.jpg A6 3.jpg
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  3. thawatchai2510

    thawatchai2510 Member

    Have book service.?
    What was check in time.
    If no.
    1.Engine oil chang.
    2.Gear oil chang.
    3.Battery CCA check if 3 year up ought to chang.
    4.Temperature coolant check.
    5.Free cluth check.
    6.Aircondition and fan check.
    7.Year tire and physicaly.
    8.Break system.
    9.Light low hight density.
    10.Horne test.
    11.Reverse light.
    12.Filter air from engine and outdoor.
    13.Wiper blade. (solicoln consideration)
    14.Miror injection.
    15.Turn singnal test.
    16.Fuel filter change.

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