ESR and ABS lights on


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Dec 22, 2008
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Guy's can anybody help. My ESR and ABS lights came on tested both and they don't work then yesterday my Glowplug light started flashing on my A6 1.9TDI auto. No brake lights work, she has done 96,000 but runs fine apart from the lights. The glow plug light comes on when the engine is started and the ESR and ABS comes on when in gear and foot off the brake. Thanks Steve
I think the brake light switch on the foot pedal can cause alot of these problems. It very cheap and easy to replace. Try this and it might sort it. Otherwise find someone with vagcom to scan the fault codes for you
Its definately the brake light switch, had the axact same symptoms on my old car

Its a cheap and easy fix


same here. a new brake pedal switch sorted it out
I've also had this problem. See my other post.

I was getting error Brake Pressure Sensor 1 G201 01435

There are very helpful instructions on fitting a VW brake switch on

When you twist the brake pedal switch during installation that locks the switch piston length. It is important to install it so that the rear brake lights come on with the minimum brake pedal movement. I think I had the problem because there was quite a bit of movement in the pedal before the rear lights came on. It's worth fiddling with the switch, it's cheaper than an ABS pump!