ESP on 1.8tqs


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Aug 8, 2009
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not sure if my car is supposed to have this or not. The place where the switch goes is empty, no switch and no blank for some reason, also when I had a look behind the clocks it looked like a bulb had been in the esp socket? i took the stereo out to replace and noticed a couple of wires shoved into the back of the empty switch socket, they are taped up with no connector on the end (possibly cut off)

how do i tell if my car is supposed to have it? maybee there was a fault and someone has taken out the swith/bulb which would not surprise me at all with this car!

other wires I found seem to be for an antenna in the headlinging top right of windscreen and a small black reciver/mic??? velcro'd onto the big light/console in headlining above driver? must be telephone kit???