ESP light


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Hi guys, just wondering if anyone could maybe shed any light on my current predicament.

The esp light has started to come on whilst driving my tdi, it seems to come on and stay on whilst driving but goes away again when the ignition is switched off. There's no obvious pattern to when it comes on and it doesn't bring any other lights with it ie. no abs light etc.
Now my first thoughts are the brake sensor, however with the lack of abs light and still fully functioning brake lights I'm doubting that to be the cause.
One possibility that springs to mind is that I currently have uneven tyres on the front. Could this be screwing with the diff? Is there a sensor in there to be confused?

Only other possibility is that I did a cleanout out of the egr valve a few months back, could something in that process maybe have caused an issue?

I'm currently arranging for a vagcom scan but wondered if in the mean time somebody may be able to shed some light on the situation

Any help greatly appreciated.


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How bad are your tyres. Do you mean uneven tyre wear or one tyre has more tread than the other.


Hi mine did that not long after I bought it traced it to faulty MAF and engine breather valve. replaced them (paid for by the dealer) problem gone. My mate with VagComsaid it because the ECU isn't getting a proper reading or something like that. Anyway a month later still no issue.