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Jan 16, 2007
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Ok, a strange one. Every now and then (coincindentally always when the weather is cold/wet) my ESP light comes on (the yellow triangle with the arrow around it in a circle) as though i have turned off my ESP, this then stays on until i turn off the engine. If i turn the engine off and on the light stays off, and then an hour or so later may come on again. I've read the trusty handbook that says something has caused the engine to disable the ESP and turning the engine off and on will fix it, but surely i shouldn't need to be doing this so frequently. Any ideas?

On another note, anyone know where i can purchasem a new catch/whole lid for the drivers armrest, my catch is broken so everytime i lift the armrest up everything falls out. Not a problem for me, i don't move the rest, however everytime my mrs has driven the car i find my Ray Ban's on the floor behind!

Any help would be great.

Andy :wacko:
I had this exact problem and it ended up being a combination of a loose connector going into the lateral acceleration sensor and the lateral acceleration sensor itself.

The G200 lateral acceleration sensor for an Audi A4 TDI 130 costs over 400 quid so I'd suggest getting the connectors checked first. I had it replaced but the problem remained until the faulty/loose connector was found which resolved the problem. Fortunately for me under my 3rd party warranty.
poss faulty brake switch cost at £6.00 from audi i had this fault now all ok
Happened in my S4 under warrenty, think they said it was the steering sensor next to indicator stalks, (prob same unit Blackadder said?!) Glasgow Audi replaced the unit no probs.

Had a few scares going round a couple corners tho before I got it fixed.....!!
Blackadder said:
I had this exact problem and it ended up being a combination of a loose connector going into the lateral acceleration sensor and the lateral acceleration sensor itself.
Had exactly the same fault, and cure, on my 8L S3.
Thanks for the advice. Got a friend of a friend to plug it in to his Laptop at his garage. Turns out there were 2 completely unrelated issues. Coolant temperature sensor had gone. And more importantly, brake lightn switch was goosed which was causing my ESP light to come on. £60 - job done! Thanks for the advice though guys!
My Wifes A4 130 TDI Quattro is having this ESP light problem. I've been told it's the brake switch. I know it's under the brake pedal somewhere? Does anybody have a (how to) on exactly where it is and how to replace it? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks. :sos:
Faulty engine speed sensor caused my ESP light to come on intermittantly and like yours it would only reset after a switch off.

Under warranty and investigated by dealer :asskicking: on numerous occasions without being cured.

Took it nearly 12 months for it to develop into a full blown fault. Then it was obvious with the engines rpm surging badly.
My ESP light was coming on and staying on until I changed my brake pads - now all OK...another possible reason to add to the list
I have an A4 Cabriolet TDI
Since January this year, my ESP light (orange light with skidding symbol) started to illuminate after about 5 minutes of driving. Eventually I took it into Audi Finchley road where they hooked it up and returned a fault with the alternator. Once they removed the engine cover, they discovered that the wiring loom had been eaten!!! (they showed me the wiring and it did appear to have been chewed). They reported to me that this would cost about £2500 and was not guaranteed to be the remedy, as the control sensor may also have to be replaced, adding another £700 on top! No way! I say! I later sent Audi an email explaining my plight, to be told that they would not assist, as it was not a manufacturing fault! The scenario if posed on a brand new car, would still be the same! There is no cover, whether the car has just driven out of the showroom or been owned for a few years! I'm at a loss on what to do. Any help
wow, i feel for you papabear!! have u got this sorted yet?

my ESP light kept coming on early this year, it would come on shortly after starting up and driving off and will not switch off unlesss i switch the engine off. it happened everytime - i got a mate to hook it up to vagcom and nothing came up, so just left it and its stopped.

fingers crossed it dont come back and bite me with a big problem! already having major engine probs.

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