ESP fault, new to this please help!

Myles Ferguson

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Hi guess, im new to the forum and I really need help on a fault I keep getting.

I own an audi a3 2002 1.6 sport, every 6-7 days my ESP light comes on, it doesn't stay on for more than 4 days but when this dash light is on my car feels a little sluggy than normal and no matter how far I go even if its just down the road my fan come on and stays on for around 10-15 minutes.

This happened around 4-5 times so I thought I'd buy my own tester off amazon (U380 Car OBD2 EOBD Diagnostic Scanner CAN DTC Trouble Fault Code Reader Tester) So the ESP light went off and when the tester arrived I plugged it in, it came up with the fault P0116. I searched this online and found out that this fault occours when you have a Faulty Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor or a Faulty engine coolant thermostat. so I buy both of these and im going to fit them sunday.

but just yesterday the ESP light once again comes on so I get my tester out to see what the problem was and the only fault code was P0116.

more to the point could the ESP light be coming on to show that these sensors are faulty, or can my tester not read the ESP fault?

Any feed back or help will be really appreciated, Thanks!


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Hi my s3 had the same problem also could not switch the esp on or off turned out to be the lateral acceleration sensor underneath the steering coloumn