ESP & ABS lights


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hi all my 2005 a3 tdi has been showing its esp & abs warning lights as they turn themselves on and off intermittently whilst driving. ive recently had the loom replaced as it got caught in the wheel. Could it possibly be the sensor that goes into the hub itself

cheers Tom


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Have you any means of getting it plugged in to VCDS?

It does seem like there's a wiring or sensor problem as it's intermittent. Who did the wiring?


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that would have been my next step is to plug it into some kind of computer, I read on another thread --- "Quite common for low voltage output from an old battery to cause ABS/traction control systems to shut down" possibility ??????


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Not sure about the ESP light, but 2005 is ripe for ABS wire corrosion. Local garage or auto electrician could check your resistances and advise. New ABS wire is around £60 per wheel and is a nice option as opposed to replacing a battery that is still okay. I once replaced my battery only to find it was a corroded ABS wire! Worth checking out.