esp/abs fault


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Hi guys
58 plate a3 s/line
Just after a bit of advice please.
After receiving a letter in September about emissions software update the car went into Audi Liverpool
and it was done in under an hour .. 5 miles down the road the engine light came on.
So back to Audi who said o2/sensor failed and nearly £200 to fix .
After a bit of a discussion Audi agreed to give me a courtesy car while they waited for permission to fix it free of charge. After i explained the car came to them with no problems .
All was sorted after a week in a 67 plate Q3 .
Since then iv'e been getting a esp/abs fault warning on the dis.
It only happens every so often maybe twice in a week doing 300/400 miles.
It clears itself after a minute or 2 then might not happen again for hundreds of miles ?
Could this be something to do with the software update also.
Or could it just be a loose connection somewhere or could the abs sensor or module be on the way out.
Nothing logged in vcds.
I'm not sure were i need to start looking .




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Do an Autoscan for faults if you have Vcd's if not have a look at the site map in the Vcd's section and a fellow member would probably help you out for a few beer tokens