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CAHA5 Feb 25, 2020

  1. CAHA5

    CAHA5 Registered User

    Hi guys I’m new to the site but from what I’ve seen it’s a top site. I’ve got a question and I’m hoping someone can help. I’ve not used my 2009 A5 S line sport back since Valentine’s Day, because of work schedule I’ve only had time yesterday to go for a spin. I’ve spent a lot of money on this car in the past 3 years to make it a really nice car, but when I started it yesterday I had a selection of warning lights appear as you can see from attached photos. I called a friend of mine who has a garage and said that the recent wet weather we’ve had in Wales could be the reason. I’ve driven for an hour or so yesterday but the alerts are still on. I’ve looked tonight and they are still on. anyone experienced this strange series of alerts, I’d appreciate all your advice before I have to bite the bullet and take it to Audi.
    1B8516CB-E226-418C-A17B-B6E678BB25EE.jpeg F6F985F6-8D59-4DC8-AFA6-CFAF40DEA377.jpeg 28AD181E-D666-4958-AAA2-351E2EC45181.jpeg

    look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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  3. JG51 AUD

    JG51 AUD Registered User

    Suggest you get it scanned by someone with VCDS before taking it to Audi dealer, have a look on the forum VCDS thread to see if there's someone close to you who can help you out.

  4. CAHA5

    CAHA5 Registered User

    Thanks for the advice
  5. CAHA5

    CAHA5 Registered User

    Does anyone know of anyone with a VCDS near or in Bridgend
  6. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Have the battery checked by Halfords for free usually, could be this it get a ctek 8 step & let it do its thing, could be this, hard to diagnose over the net.
  7. CAHA5

    CAHA5 Registered User

    I’ve had the car put on a diagnostics and it’s popped up a few strange faults. The main one seems to be the Left rear ABS sensor. Has anyone had this done ? If so how much did it cost ? Is it a big job. I’ve followed some advice from one the guys threads to look at the computer box next to windscreen wipers I dried out what little water there was and checked the wires put everything back together but still got the alert lights as before.
  8. The Jargen

    The Jargen Registered User

    Definitely not a big job to change a wheel speed sensor, you will need to jack the car up and get the wheel off to access it.
  9. Jeebsy

    Jeebsy Registered User

    I've had a traction control fault for ages with random abs, suspension sensor, parking brake and wheel sensor faults popping up too.

    Was in with a VAG specialist for a few days and they eventually diagnosed a faulty ABS module, not viable to replace it so sending it away to ECU Testing this week for a rebuild. Hopefully that's it as i'm losing faith in the car a wee bit now....
  10. Meemo

    Meemo Registered User

    I had ALL these faults on my A4, , driving in the rain then dash board lit up like an xmas tree, abs, traction control, parking break, etc.. I even changed the same wheel speed sensor yours flagged as it was on the code list(along with AC fault and other randoms)... only to have some ABS module faults after changing the sensor..
    It was a weak battery after all that, no battery faults detected on the battery and started with no effort everytime..
    but i swapped it out on a whim for nice new Varta battery, cleared the faults, none of the errors returned and I drove it another 2 years faultless untill I sold it.. can't believe I bothered to change the wheel speed sensor, felt a right pratt lol

    Try a battery from halfords (get someone to change the last digit on the battery serial in VCDS to pick up it is a new battery).. worse case you return it in good condition a few days later and get your money back if it doesn't fix it.. but I have a suspicious feeling it may.

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