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Hi all, I recently bought my first Audi Quattro, an A8 Sport 3.0tdi 2010. Had the car for 2 months and it's been fantastic, however Sunday as I left home the Particulate Filter symbol lit for about 2 minutes then stayed off and yesterday as I left an island and put my foot down on a dual carriageway the engine went into 'safe mode' 40mph and the Engine Management light came on. I pulled over and switched off then restarted the car and it was fine? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Incidentally, the car came from an Audi dealer with a new full Audi service and Warranty.


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Welcome to Have you had the car scanned for fault codes?
Thank you for the welcome.
No but I've actually just spoken to Audi and it's booked in for tomorrow morning, i'll post any results that may be helpful to others once they sort it.


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Probably needs regenerating. I had mine done but also had to get a sensor changed and it is ok now.

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as above try a regeneration also get it scanned' might find the pressure sensor is at fault