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Hey guys, I know I am checking in again just for help but I can't find any help on this that helps with a fix on an 8L..

Okay so my S3 is running a 3.2 and all has been well but when coding the immo, there was some issues but all that has been sorted, I just needed to get a new cluster as the speedo and rev counters were way off but this is not the point of this post

EDIT - The old cluster, even though the speedo and rev counter were faulty did NOT have the engine light on.

I received my new cluster today and I now have an Engine light warning with the the following VCDS Code:

18055/P1647/005703 - Check Coding of ECUs on Powertrain Data Bus

On forums I have seen that a possible fix for this is changing the coding in the Can-Controller but 8L's can not access this section.

On Ross-Tech there are no possible fixes for anything 8L with this code.. It just says this for a few different cars:

Check Powertrain Control Module Coding, especially check the Airbag Control Module Adaptation Channels 050 & 051

Does this make sense to anyone? While typing this, I have come to the idea to ask, could it be because the cluster came out a car that popped the airbag from an accident and there is a kind of hard coded engine light cause the airbag popped?

EDIT - If i clear the code under engine module, the engine light disappears for a few seconds and then returns with the error on vcds

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